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Brilliant minds do indeed think alike, and that involves the ability to generate a slew of great ideas. The challenge then lies in organizing, prioritizing and honing those ideas into tightly packaged and uniquely positioned messaging that will stand out and garner the deep resonance you desire in the larger marketplace.

Whether you are a CEO, established author, celebrity or thought leader, Joscelyn Duffy acts as your ally, helping you hone and elevate your message and book to the point of becoming more than you imagined possible. Welcome to next-level clarity, confidence and excitement in your story and thought leadership.

Meet Joscelyn

Joscelyn Duffy is a 25-year communication veteran, an esteemed Executive Ghostwriter, the CEO of Joscelyn Duffy International Inc. and the founder of The Maven Agency. Dubbed the “Voice Finder” and “Message Maven,” she is a Creative Visionary with a strategic marketing edge who has contributed as a brand & marketing strategist and ghostwriter to celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, 9-figure CEOs, New York Times best-selling authors and serial entrepreneurs.

As the writer of 27 full-length books and consultant to hundreds of authors, she is a sought-out ally known for helping emerging and established thought leaders shape the innovative messaging that catapults their brands to the next level. Her global client base includes world-renowned teachers, thought leaders and speakers from seven countries, who have been featured everywhere from “World’s Top” lists to Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, NBC, BBC, Entrepreneur and Oprah. Her strategic creative works have landed them best-selling books, 7-figure+ revenues and international acclaim.

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Esteemed Veteran Ghostwriter

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Elevate Your Next Level

You’ve always been a difference-maker and status-quo-shaker, out to redefine the way things are done, carve a new lane, or ease the way for others. Now that you’ve elevated and tested your ideas or truly developed one heck of a life story, you are ready to reach out and contribute the positive impact you know you can have.

Whether you are seeking to shape a powerful personal leadership brand or write a memoir with a clear message, here you will find the care, innovation and world-class strategy required to ensure your content and story land at the forefront of your audience’s minds.

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Book Coaching

Whether you’re an emerging thought leader building your brand or an established one opening up a new lane, you can have a veteran co-visionary guide you through the book-writing process. Masterfully build-out, package and position your book’s message, so you can move forward with confidence.

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Create A Masterful Book

Expand your ideas and create a book that becomes even more than you thought it could be! If you care about hiring a seasoned ghostwriter to bring your game-changing vision to life and leave an undeniable impact on your audience, you are in the right place. Together, we’ll create the book that builds your brand, business and legacy.

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Brand & Book Consulting

Shaping a world-class thought leadership brand takes time and talent. The same goes for shaping a book that truly stands out from the masses. Create the best by hiring the best. If you are seeking a co-visionary to truly ignite your mission and message, reach out today.

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Thank you for being such a wise and thoughtful shepherdess! I couldn’t have done any of this without you. More than your excellent musing and writing skills, you have provided so much intuitive guidance about the bigger picture, far beyond my book.
I’m finally getting to the stage where I’m starting to see and feel my true purpose. I’m grateful you have not only “seen” me, but have also been such a thoughtful coach for me on this leg of my journey.

Martha BrownFormer CEO, Tipperary Sales (dba Lay-Z-Boy Home Furniture Galleries) and Founder, It’s On You Executive Coaching

Joscelyn is a master of her craft and an absolute joy to work with. She brings out not only the best in peoples’ ideas and writing but, more importantly, the best in people. As an author and former publishing company owner, I have worked with a number of people in the industry and can say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Joscelyn is the best person I have ever worked with. Helpful, insightful and inspiring, she has a knack for being able to capture all those thoughts in my head and make them clear and concise. Give her your ideas and she’ll transform them into something your audience not only can understand, but also enjoy and be impacted by.

Corey SigvaldasonPresident, Grandesco College & Founder, HOP Leadership Program

Guided by her intuition, Joscelyn has a beautiful way of tuning into the heart’s desires of those she writes for, and transforming those often unspoken sentiments into words. For many, a book is a crucial element to fulfilling soul purpose and sharing soul lessons, and Joscelyn honors this process. I willingly refer my clients and close friends to her, knowing she can assist in writing their stories just as they envision.

Sonia Choquette27x New York Times and International Best-Selling Author, World-Renowned Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher (Hay House)

I have gone through the entire book and I think you are a genius. ... All I can say is, I am just in awe of you and your work. I have no idea how you are able to do this—to get inside Mike's life, his mentality, and the deeper aspects of his approach to music. ... All I can say is I am deeply thankful that I found you and that you took on my project. To say that this would have never come to fruition without you is such an understatement.

Dorothy LongoWife of late great jazz pianist and bandmate/friend to Dizzy Gillespie, Mike Longo; co-author, The Rhythm of Unity

When I set out to become an author, Joscelyn set expectations with me from the very beginning and guided me every step of the way. We worked together seamlessly. The way she was able to take the content I had drafted, develop it with me and then glue it all together was brilliant, insightful and empowering. She kept us on schedule, despite hurdles that we had not expected. Our professional relationship was the kind you want—honest, accountable, driven and easy. I am grateful for the introduction to her, and her belief in our mission to create something together. I look forward to working with her again soon.

Nicole SodomaFounder & CEO, Sodoma Law ; Author, Please Don't Say You're Sorry

Having obtained a Ph.D. from a highly ranked UK University, I have studied and worked with many who are regarded as intelligent. However, in working with Joscelyn Duffy, I was regularly offered a timely level of insight, inspiration and wisdom that is unmatched. Her ability to understand and reframe concepts and ideas, combined with her knack for just listening were noteworthy traits. In the end, I not only got a world-class website, brand and book in my time working with Joscelyn, I also got the connections and the confidence required to move it all forward. The decision to work with Joscelyn was one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

Dr. Rob GrahamFounder, and the Mandate to Be Great

For over a year, we were trying to cobble together bits and pieces to convey our message, attempting to do it all ourselves. A logo here and some copy there resulted in a clunky website that left people with more questions than answers. We were wasting our time and money. When we met Joscelyn and her team, they listened to us and magically turned our message into a cohesive package that we love inviting our clients to. We're all about aligning the body and mind, yet it took Joscelyn to align our message. She and her team were a joy to work with and at a couple of milestones, we were even ahead of schedule. So far, the feedback from our students and clients has been extremely positive and they are excitedly sharing with others.

Sheryl Gill & Dana MonetteFounders, The Align’d Approach

I came to Joscelyn with a strong desire to build something meaningful and no road map with which to begin. Joscelyn guided me every step of the way and walked me through the process of honing in on my message and unleashing my strengths to create a brand I am so proud of. Joscelyn didn’t only listen, but intuitively heard and understood me, far beneath my scattered surface. She gave me the clarity I needed to move forward. I can confidently say I would not be here today without her help, guidance and support.

Eda SchottensteinCEO/Founder, Multi-Role Woman

Joscelyn and her team have an intrinsic knack and experience for embodying the soul and synergy of companies, their founders, and leaders. She truly brings to life the purpose of the company’s brand and business model. Joscelyn is open to feedback at all parts of the process. The true value she and her team bring is to effectively understanding and demonstrating how to shift a company’s perception of its self and bring together its true essence in the most authentic way. I would recommend Joscelyn to any Client or company wanting to birth, transform, or shift their brand and business model.

Tracy JoslingPartner, MiROR Partners, Executive Search & Leadership Development

Even more valuable then the quality you deliver, it’s WHO YOU ARE that is amazing!!!! It’s your empathy, your kindness and the fact that you even ask me how I am. The fact that I can count on you to work extremely diligently to always answer my emails, to walk with me closely as I build my business, to offer me timely support and cheerleading when I’m in doubt, to celebrate with me when I have big wins, to treat me like a world-class leader, and to inspire me to unleash my greatness – that part is priceless.

Jeanny ChaiFounder, Bamboo Myth, Corporate Trainer, Coach & Speaker

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On some level, you already know what you want to become know for! You just need a helping hand to hone, package and position that knowledge into the business masterplan and masterful brand assets that are sure to resonate in the marketplace.

The Maven Agency is a team of esteemed creative collaborators dedicated to helping you masterfully shape and market your world-changing ideas. From creating innovative brands to writing world-class books, we help you build out the collateral and marketing strategies to prevail long-term.

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