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Every day is an opportunity to showcase the power words hold to positively transform our lives. Each of the books in my library in a resource designed to help you become a better leader, be more resilient, and unleash the potential that lies within you.

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Master Your Message

For leaders with a profound understanding of what is possible in the world – who have transformed odds into opportunity – comes the powerful 4-Step Process for building a world-class brand. MASTER YOUR MESSAGE empowers you to tune into your unique value, your audience, and your potential to create something to transform the way we live or do business. This book is custom-built for the emerging or established executive, thought leader or influencer who needs the framework to set a status-quo-shifting vision in motion.

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Find Your Ghost

Ghostwriters and copywriters come in all forms – from fresh out of the gate, to seasoned, published authors. With a whole host of options, how do you know who is the best fit for you? Find Your Ghost gives you access to valuable insight and 14 key questions to ask when sourcing the best business or non-fiction ghostwriters, copywriters and editors to help you bring your ideas, messages or stories fully to life. Find that ideal collaborator who understands you and grasps your vision, while contributing the technical skills of a true wordsmith!

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