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Maven Mentorship

& Book Coaching

Welcome to a program that delivers undeniable clarity and confidence–the kind necessary to shape a thought leadership book with a legacy-building message and truly innovative principles.

Together, we will shape the message and methodology you will become known for, as we structure and guide you through the creation of a world-class book.

The Maven Program

You’re an adept leader, maven, influencer and status-quo-shifter. You have the ability to generate a lot of ideas and the capacity to write…though all of your ideas can often feel overwhelming and you truly need an ally to help bring you the clarity and strategic direction you require.

This program is for those of you who want to strategically share your knowledge and package it in an innovative way, in order to have the kind of deep impact that spurs real growth for their audience.

If you’ve amassed a lifetime of knowledge in your industry and your audience is ready for your revolutionary message and teachings, it’s time to rise up and become known as an authority and expert in your space.

Let’s work together to hone and package the incredible ideas you will become globally known for!


Innovative Consulting +Brand Strategy

Welcome to high-caliber thought leadership thinking and business strategy for the aspiring global leader.

If you’re a CEO, consultant, coach, author, speaker or entrepreneur with a high-value personal or professional development message or methodology to share, this program is for you!

Together, we strategize on and co-develop everything from marketable messaging and must-have services, to unique programs and teachable principles. We do this as we challenge your next steps as a leader, so that you can deliver an unforgettable impact and build a lasting legacy!

Your Guide

Joscelyn Duffy is the CEO of The Maven Agency and a sought-out brand strategist dedicated to helping emerging and established thought leaders build the knowledge-based businesses that allow them to positively impacting 100,000’s or millions of people in their circles of influence.

Joscelyn has supported celebrities, CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, serial entrepreneurs, global teachers, consultants, coaches, authors, and speakers in seven countries. She has helped create business masterplans and masterful brand assets for everyone from New York Times best-selling authors to world-renowned leaders. Her work has landed clients 7-figure revenues, global impacts, and features on platforms like ABC, NBC, Fox, and Entrepreneur.


She is not a ghost writer, she is a voice finder. After working with her, I have tapped into my authentic voice in a way that I have never experienced. As a result, we are co-creating amazing content…but I am also getting more clarity on what I uniquely have to say and offer to my clients and how to live out my true purpose in a more authentic way.

Betsy JordynPresident, Accelera Consulting Group

I have come to rely on you to ‘push’ me to think outside my box and you have become so attuned to my approach that you are such a strong asset to my business growth. It is great to have you in my corner.

Maureen CampbellFounder, Flashlite Benefits

I searched long and hard for core business messaging that would paint an accurate picture of what we as a business wanted to achieve for our clients, prospective clients and community. Joscelyn was able to help us distinguish what that key message was, and how we differentiate ourselves. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to create that perfect message, refine existing core messaging or who is looking to build their business and take it to the next level! I am extremely impressed with our growth and success and will continue to leverage Joscelyn as our business continues to evolve.

Kian ZarkechvariSocially Responsible Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Even more valuable then the quality you deliver, it’s WHO YOU ARE that is amazing!!!! It’s your empathy, your kindness and the fact that you even ask me how I am. The fact that I can count on you to work extremely diligently to always answer my emails, to walk with me closely as I build my business, to offer me timely support and cheerleading when I’m in doubt, to celebrate with me when I have big wins, to treat me like a world-class leader, and to inspire me to unleash my greatness – that part is priceless.

Jeanny ChaiFounder, Bamboo Myth, Corporate Trainer, Coach & Speaker

Working with Joscelyn was like having someone throw me a lifeline and pull me into a pool of clarity around my work. I have struggled with being all over the place in my offerings. She has an amazing talent of being able to see the uniting thread in all my work and helping me to pull it into a nice neat package. I am deeply appreciative of her great talent and I plan to consult her on an ongoing basis as my company grows and evolves in the years to come.

Helen RiesCEO, Great River Consulting & Co-Founder, The Sibling Collaborative

What you’ll get inside…

Define your brand, master your message, shape your book and build your platform, as you access:

  • Clarity of your unique teachable principles, methodology & message

  • An outline of/consulting for your next-level book

  • Proven business & brand strategies

  • Innovative packaging and positioning for your knowledge

  • Strategic marketing plans to build resonance with your audience and profit within your business

  • Co-creation of world-class content

  • The confidence to fully deliver your big impact in the world!

All for $7500USD/month

Set your thought leadership into overdrive!

Our Clients have been featured in and on…

Our Process

Through weekly 60-minute strategy calls and ongoing communication, you’ll get the clarity & confidence you need to build an innovative and sustainable thought leadership business and brand.

Only 5 Mentees are accepted into the program, to provide for high focus on your individual needs and aspirations.

Begin by booking a free 30-minute discovery call today and save yourself months (or years) of uncertainty, self-doubt and over-thinking!

Let us help you create something world-class, as we establish your legacy and platform with ease and efficiency.

Or start with 90 minutes

If you’re ready to go, start with a 90-minute consultation and become empowered to build your vision!

Whether you are shaping your book or building your brand and website, you will access $1000’s worth of business insights, creative ideas, and branding acumen in just 90 minutes.

These Clarity Sessions provide you with immediate insight and invaluable knowledge tailored to your specific personal brand, messaging & content development needs.

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